A step-by-step guide to product launches

Set your product debut up for success.

Turn your next product launch into a business catalyst.

Every product debut is a pressure cooker. If it goes well, it can propel your company’s media coverage, market share, brand reputation, and recruiting efforts. If it doesn’t? Your company may struggle to recover from the negative impact. You’ll need a comprehensive strategic plan and masterful execution to make your product intro a success. A trusted and experienced partner can make all the difference.


Launch Phase 1

Optimizing Brand Materials

The first phase of your plan is about getting your house in order. Any surge of media coverage means an influx of potential customers, partners, investors, and talent learning about your company for the first time. With so much attention being drawn to your brand, it’s time to assess and optimize all public-facing materials – not just your product materials. It’s also time to plan any launch events for the media and general public.

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Launch Phase 2

Reviewer and Influencer Strategy

In phase two, it’s time to put together your media list and reviewer programs. That means researching and reaching out to the reporters and influencers that are the best fit for product coverage. You’ll also need to train your best spokespeople for media interviews, finalize all product materials, and make sure your product is ready for media scrutiny.

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Launch Phase 3

Embargoed Review Support

In the weeks ahead of the unveiling, it’s time to ensure launch-day media coverage, influencer posts, and product reviews are on track. In order for product news and reviews to go live on launch day, you’ll need to brief the media and provide review samples under embargo. You’ll also need to provide timely answers to their questions as they complete their coverage.

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Launch Phase 4

Launch Day and Post-Launch

On launch day, you’ll see coverage go live, field incoming media questions, and receive more requests for product review samples. The post-launch phase is incredibly important, as it’s the first time you’ll be able to gauge public perception of your product’s strengths in the competitive market. These insights will help you hone your future product strategy and identify opportunities for improvement.

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