Wellness Coaches

Generating product demand with omnichannel expertise

Increasing lead generation with content, optimized digital marketing, and landing pages that drove conversions.


Increase in new users

Our paid search and social media campaigns drove significant traffic to newly created landing pages, which hosted highly targeted messaging and video content.

B2B leads

Our digital campaigns and content drove high-quality traffic to product landing pages, resulting in an influx of qualified B2B leads for Wellness Coaches’ platforms. 


Our work generated a substantial amount of product and brand awareness, thanks to prominent ad placements that captured more than one million impressions. 

Generating demand for a wellness platform

Wellness Coaches is one of the largest and most experienced wellness services providers for workplaces across the U.S., delivering personalized support and comprehensive, integrated, and customized health and safety solutions for employers. 

The company partnered with Airfoil to generate demand for its brand-new Healthy Ways® wellness platform, as well as its Vaccine Verification Program. We developed a comprehensive strategy to generate targeted traffic and B2B leads through compelling messaging, creative multimedia content, targeted product landing pages, and paid search and social media campaigns.  

As a result of all these omnichannel components working together, Airfoil was able to generate substantial traffic and lead generation for the Healthy Ways platform, driving more than 150 new business leads and more than 1 million ad impressions for the client. 

Messaging the perfect audience

We gained an understanding of the motivations of HR professionals, insurance brokers, and executives in making key platform-adoption decisions, and we planned all campaign elements accordingly. Airfoil crafted product messaging and videos that spoke directly to them. Our messaging became the foundation of new landing pages, positioning the Healthy Ways platform as a comprehensive solution to common workforce wellness challenges.

Wellness Coaches Messaging the perfect audience

Attracting new users galore

We drove target audiences to those brand-new landing pages with highly targeted paid search and social media campaigns. The result was a 55% increase in new users – many of whom became qualified leads and new Wellness Coaches customers.

Wellness Coaches Attracting New Users Galore

Converting high-quality leads

The result of Airfoil’s audience research, content development, targeted Google ads, and precise LinkedIn campaigns was an influx of more than 150 new leads for our client. 

Wellness coaches Converting high-quality leads

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