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Airfoil’s versatile team works together to drive your growth and elevate your reputation among consumers, reporters, analysts, investors, and employees. We’re built for the modern communications landscape, and we’ll build the perfect team for your needs.

Brand Strategy

Market Research

Airfoil conducts in-depth research and media analysis to understand where you are and where you want your brand to be. We dig deep to identify competitive opportunities, market trends, customer pain points, and coverage that reveals how the world perceives your brand.

Brand Messaging

Your company's mission, vision, and values are at the heart of everything you do. They're also at the core of the work Airfoil does for you. We develop comprehensive brand messaging frameworks that act as a blueprint for media engagements and internal and external communications.

Persona Development

How well do you know the people that can make or break your success? Airfoil helps you understand customers and potential customers on a personal level. We develop audience personas that identify buyer motivations, pain points, and preferred channels of engagement.

Creative Studio

Your brand identity is defined by what you say, how you say it, and the emotions you evoke through the combined power of words, images, typography, colors, and design. We create visual elements that inspire the right people to embrace your brand and connect with it on a deeper level.

Marketing Communications
Digital Marketing

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