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Keeping Momentum Flowing

Zero Mass Water (ZMW), a technology company dedicated to making clean water, partnered with Airfoil to deepen its technology story and demonstrate the impact of its technology to help solve global issues around sustainability and resilience.

Airfoil worked with ZMW to craft messaging and tell the company’s story at CES 2019, landing the company coverage in many tier 1 national outlets. After CES, ZMW needed to maintain momentum ahead of an end-of-year category launch. Airfoil set out to tell human impact stories around the potential and vision for ZMW technology at scale.

Through embargoed outreach and targeted thought leadership, Airfoil helped ZMW spotlight multiple successful and impactful projects from the Caribbean to Flint, Michigan, and beyond—capturing the attention of investors and new partners.

National coverage

Through targeted media relations efforts around the CES narrative and crafted thought leadership storylines, Airfoil secured ZMW placements in top-tier publications including Business Insider, NPR, CNN, Inc., VentureBeat, Quartz, CleanTechnica, and more.

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Local community activation

Airfoil managed community and media outreach around a partnership with Flint, Michigan. Airfoil developed messaging, coordinated with the Mayor’s office, city counsel and business partners. We also provided media training and onsite media relations support, drove the press release, and distribution and coordinated interviews and events with the local community.

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