Amplifying insights into the future of retail

Establishing Shopify as an Amazon challenger with compelling storytelling and exciting predictions about the future of retail.


Increase in overall share of voice

In just six months, our storytelling and media relations programs resulted in a 50-percent increase in competitive Share of Voice for the keywords “The Future of Retail.” 

key message presentation

Our strategy led to flawless messaging pull-through in media coverage. Every piece of earned media Airfoil secured contained at least one of the three key Shopify brand messages.

Tier 1

Airfoil’s media relations efforts focused on quality coverage. Our team secured executive briefings with outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNBC, Digiday, and CNET.

Retail's big challenger brand

With millions of customers using its platform around the world, Shopify is a fast-growing giant in the world of e-commerce.  

The company partnered with Airfoil to develop a thought-leadership platform that would challenge the status quo: The “retail is dead” storyline was dominating the national conversation, and Shopify wanted to offer a thoughtful counterpoint to that well-worn mantra. Airfoil worked with Shopify to build a content-driven media relations program that would both change the narrative and put Shopify at the center of the storyline.  

Our content and media relations work helped the brand illustrate how it is shaping the future of retail, what that future will look like, and the leaders within the company driving the company’s vision.  

Recentering the retail narrative

Airfoil’s brand perception research, analysis of U.S. media coverage, and interviews with Shopify business leaders informed key talking points regarding the future of retail. Our narrative guide became a vital tool for Shopify leadership, helping them deliver consistent messaging in media engagements.  

Shopify Dart

Strengthening media relationships

Airfoil arranged a New York Media Tour to introduce Shopify’s “Future of Retail” narrative and build reporter relationships with Shopify leaders. Over the course of two days, Shopify executives met with reporters from CNBC, Bloomberg, Cheddar, Digiday, The Daily Dot, CNET, Mashable, and more.

Shopify Media Logos

Executive profile building

Successful thought-leadership programs hinge on executives being available to provide commentary and predictions on key trends shaping their industry. Airfoil worked with Shopify leaders to generate contributed content opportunities, press quotes, and public speaking engagements. As a result, 92-percent of the news stories we landed in the first six months featured a Shopify spokesperson quote. 

Shopify Executive Profile

Measuring impact

The impact of our campaigns cannot be measured by the quantity of stories and impressions alone. Airfoil developed a customized scorecard and KPIs to ensure our work had an impact regarding the audiences and messages that mattered most. A unique coverage quality score was applied to every earned story to demonstrate relevance, prominence, and key message penetration.

Shopify Measuring Impact

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