Accelerating brand growth in North America

Helping a German industrial company elevate its brand awareness in North America with media relations expertise.


Trade articles

In three years, Airfoil has secured dozens of strategic placements in B2B trade publications for relayr 


relayr has appeared in 34 different industry outlets in the US, often with multiple interviews and guest columns. 

Million impressions

We’re deliberate about who we pitch and why. Our strategies have helped relayr get in front of the precise audiences they want to target for business growth in North America.

Distilling complex messages to build credibility and increase awareness within industry publications

Headquartered in Germany, relayr develops complex Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solutions for midsize manufacturers and other industrial companies.  

Due to the company’s innovative technological capabilities, its brand messaging is highly technical. This can create challenges when trying to reach new audiences. 

Airfoil partnered with relayr’s U.S. and German marketing teams to elevate the brand’s visibility and reputation as a market leader in North America. We developed compelling story angles relevant to the North American market, introduced relayr spokespeople as subject matter experts to national and trade press, and created content that would appeal to key business decision-makers. 

Hyper-focused on target asset class media

75-percent of our secured media opportunities were in publications geared toward relayr’s priority asset classes. This approach allowed Airfoil to spend time wisely in the outlets most aligned to the company’s sales and business objectives.  

Relayr Gear Solutions

Keeping our pulse on trends

Quarterly interviews with relayr’s subject matter experts and regular industry insight-gathering ensured our story angles spoke directly to the pain points and concerns of relayr’s customer base.

Relayr Pulse Trends

Owned, high-value digital content

From developing compelling copy to amplifying coverage on social media and beyond, our ghostwritten guest columns reflected the tone and key messages of relayr’s leadership and experts.  

Relayr Forbes

Blending North American growth with German legacy

Successful marketing doesn’t operate in a silo. Airfoil connected regularly with relayr’s team in Germany to align on global marketing efforts, support company-wide initiatives, and ensure consistent and clear messaging. 

Relayr Germany

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