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Targeting prospects with tailored messaging

Reshaping how parents of prospective students learn about the school, its curriculum, its faculty, and the community.


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Identifying and speaking to a school's audience

University Liggett School (ULS) is a private preschool and kindergarten through 12th grade college preparatory school in Metro Detroit that is nationally recognized for its innovative curriculum and arts and athletics offerings.

The school wanted to reach a targeted market of high-net-worth parents in a tight geographic region, in order to increase enrollment and awareness of ULS benefits within this community. Airfoil identified and built out target personas, then created unique messaging, channels, and content types that would resonate best with the school’s desired audience.

With targeted, creative messaging and content, the school reached more than 32.3K prospects and more than 140.8K impressions from targeted audiences. 

Developing personas

Airfoil identified target personas and unique messaging, channels, and content types that would resonate best with each audience. To drive engagement and deliver our messages, we created videos for social ads, website experiences, and live events. The ads were targeted using personas to filter by geography, parents with children, and income level. 

ULS Developing Personas

Serious results

Through new messaging and creative elements that connected deeply with key audiences, Airfoil’s demand generation strategy helped University Liggett School reach more than 32.3K prospects in target audiences and regions, garnering more than 140.8K impressions. The videos Airfoil developed were viewed nearly 9K times, at the cost of $0.17 per view.  

ULS Serious Results

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