William Davidson Institute (WDI)

Turning a virtual event into a brand-building engine

Activating all facets of our omnichannel team to drive event registrations and increase brand awareness for a non-profit research and educational organization.


Increase in overall impressions

By implementing a precise paid targeting strategy on LinkedIn, we were able to generate 27x more impressions for WDI compared to the previous six months combined. 

Increase in total clicks

Our campaign delivered both quantity and quality. We tripled the traffic to WDI’s designated web properties, and our targeting ensured every visitor was a good fit for the brand. 

Media placements

Our media relations outreach to journalists led to a healthy amount of press coverage, landing 84 stories that reached a potential audience of more than 104,000,000. 

Campaign for event engagement

The William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan is a non-profit research and educational organization that helps businesses thrive and improve social welfare in low- and middle-income countries.  

To increase the organization’s brand awareness and engagement among key target audiences, Airfoil provided strategic consultation, recommendations, media relations, paid advertising, organic social media content, and paid social media targeting for a virtual roundtable. 

Airfoil’s omnichannel marketing expertise helped turn the “U.S.-Mexico Partnership: Emerging Opportunities in the Automotive Industry” virtual event into a powerful brand-building engine. Our efforts boosted engagement with WDI on social media, drove registrations for the roundtable, and amplified WDI’s brand awareness and messaging through media coverage.  

Pinpointed digital targeting

Attracting WDI’s ideal audience to the event required precise targeting. We used LinkedIn to target professionals with relevant job titles, industries, and other factors to drive registrations, elevate brand awareness among qualified leads, and deliver tremendous ROI for our client. 

WDI Education

Strategic media outreach

Airfoil wanted to ensure WDI’s brand awareness would continue to gain momentum long after the virtual event was complete. Our media relations efforts developed strong relationships with reporters and outlets, including WWJ, Thomson Reuters, and Yahoo! Finance that will look to WDI for newsworthy stories in the future.

WDI Ongoing omnichannel strategic support graphic

Ongoing omnichannel strategic support

Due to the success of this initiative and the trust we built with the WDI team, WDI has partnered with Airfoil to provide ongoing support with event marketing, lead-generation, omnichannel campaigns, and creative projects.  

Ongoing omnichannel strategic support

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