Launching automotive ignition technology

Taking a startup from industry introduction to commercialization ready, generating awareness and credibility for new technology, and shifting the industry narrative around emissions solutions.


Feature stories

Airfoil placed stories about TPS in highly targeted outlets such as Forbes, Ars Technica, Interesting Engineering, Green Car Congress, and more.

Media interviews

Through our media relations work, Airfoil landed interviews with major news outlets including The New York Times, WIRED, Newsweek, MotorTrend, Automotive News, WardsAuto, Machine Design, and Autoline.

For the client

Thanks to Airfoil’s thorough awards submission process, TPS went on to be a BusinessGreen Technology of the Year Award Finalist (2019) and Automotive News PACEpilot honoree (2020).

Building the case for cleaner combustion-engine solutions

Transient Plasma Systems (TPS), a Southern California-based startup, is driving commercial adoption and application of transient plasma technology to create economic value, reduce environmental impact, and solve problems facing society and industry across the world.

Early in our work, Airfoil partnered with TPS to introduce the company’s new technology to automotive industry engineers and executives. As the company and the technology matured, our program focused on deepening credibility for their technology among automotive OEMs, suppliers, and potential investors, as well as shifting the mainstream narrative toward the urgent need for a multi-faceted approach to reducing harmful emissions.

Our work resulted in placements and interviews in major national outlets, as well as publications that targeted TPS’s main audiences.

Executive media tour & tech PR

Airfoil helped TPS refine its story and messaging, translating a complex engineering feat for a general audience and highlighting the potential impact. Following in-depth media training, TPS’s founder and CEO met with select automotive reporters over two days in Detroit, resulting in coverage in Forbes, MotorTrend, Autoline, and WardsAuto. Three years later, Airfoil’s ongoing efforts with technology and automotive press have led to industry and national recognition with features in Automotive NewsInterestingEngineering, and Ars Technica, and a 2020 PACEpilot Award.

TPS ARS Technica

Defining a unique and ownable POV

Airfoil worked with TPS’s founder and CEO to craft a series of papers making the case for the urgency and importance of a multi-path approach in reducing global emissions. These papers were published on the TPS website for potential partners and investors, and also served as the foundation for messaging and thought leadership narratives driving the company today.

TPS Media Logos

Mainstream thought leadership

TPS faced a challenge in demonstrating the significance of its ICE technology in a time when automakers, legislators, and infrastructure push for electric vehicles (EVs). Airfoil developed a compelling narrative that underscored an urgent need for cleaner combustion-engine solutions as the world works toward mainstream adoption of EVs. We hosted deskside briefings with reporters covering climate issues, emissions, and clean mobility, and we pursued award and event submissions in the clean energy space. Through our efforts, TPS has shared their viewpoint and call to action with reporters and readers of The New York Times, Newsweek, WIRED, and more.

TPS Forbes

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