Driving confidence in commercial truck platooning

Centering user experience and research in media relations, and amplifying social media to increase brand awareness, relevance, and trust.


Unique articles

Our media relations efforts more than doubled the client’s annual goal of 30 stories, landing feature articles in WIRED, TechCrunch, Digital Trends, and Ars Technica. 

Increase in LinkedIn engagement

Our social media strategies boosted LinkedIn interactions with the brand nearly threefold — and also drove a 97.7-percent increase in engagements on Twitter. 

In competitive share of voice

Airfoil helped Peloton Technology surpass its goal in increased SOV in commercial trucking technology, based on annual benchmarks.

Connected commerce

Peloton Technologies, a pioneer in the development and commercialization of automated and connected commercial trucks, partnered with Airfoil to advance its position in the market.  

Our goal was to achieve greater brand awareness and trust among investors and the commercial trucking industry as a whole, which required building confidence in Peloton’s groundbreaking technologies.  

Airfoil was able to exceed all the client’s objectives. We worked closely with Peloton Technologies’ leadership team to develop creative news milestones and experiences that deepened relationships with influential reporters. We also boosted the brand’s social followers, impressions, and engagements to new heights.

Peloton safety report

To introduce an industry report on the safety of the client’s systems, Airfoil secured an exclusive feature story in WIRED. The team hosted WIRED’s lead transportation reporter at Peloton’s HQ for a ride-and-drive safety day, executive interviews, and a full demo of Peloton’s advanced capabilities. The experience resulted in an in-depth article that showcased Peloton as an industry leader. 

Peloton Wired Article

San Francisco media tour

Airfoil planned, executed, and staffed a Silicon Valley media tour for Peloton’s CEO to build relationships with tech journalists. The tour generated major coverage for an embargoed announcement, including stories in The Wall Street Journal, SlashGear, Mashable, IEEE Spectrum, and Freight Waves

Peloton Media Logos

AutoFollow technology announcement

To announce an industry-first advancement known as AutoFollow at the Automated Vehicle Symposium, Airfoil developed storylines about Peloton’s vision for automated systems, demystifying misconceptions around platooning technology. Leading up to AVS, Airfoil and Peloton conducted 15 briefings with key technology and automotive media, resulting in 33 high-quality pieces of coverage. 

Peloton AutoFollow

Amplifying success on social media

Coverage of AutoFollow at AVS was shared on social channels more than 1,500 times, generating 139 visits to Peloton’s website and boosting organic search traffic by 108-percent. Our social media team also implemented a consistent posting strategy that led to more followers and impressions on social networks: A 289-percent increase in LinkedIn engagement and a 97.7-percent increase in Twitter engagement. 

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