Introducing enthusiasts to innovative technology

Developing compelling messaging for a one-of-a-kind 3D modeling platform and driving brand and product awareness with media relations campaigns.


Website traffic

Airfoil secured media coverage that helped triple Physna’s website traffic in the 24 hours after their new product was launched.

Registered users

Thanks in part to Airfoil’s messaging and media relations work, Thangs gained more than 12,000 registered users in the six weeks after launch. 


Media coverage of Physna captured the attention of investors and helped accelerate its next round of funding.

Attracting new audiences with groundbreaking technology

Physna’s powerful geometric search technology enjoys a strong reputation in the enterprise, thanks to its revolutionary ability to analyze complex 3D models. However, prior to launching its Thangs platform, the company was relatively unknown among the prosumer and hobbyist audiences Thangs was built to serve.  

Physna partnered with Airfoil to help introduce its one-of-a-kind technology – and itself – to an entirely new user base. In order to achieve aggressive growth goals, Physna sought messaging and media coverage that would resonate with Thangs users. We focused on how Physna’s technology solves real-world challenges, why it is more powerful than existing solutions, and how it enables Physna’s larger vision for the world of 3D data.  

This messaging informed a media relations strategy leading up to the launch of the Thangs platform. Our work drove significant traffic to the Thangs website, delivered more than 12,000 new user registrations in the six weeks following launch, and positioned Physna’s executives as thought leaders in high profile media coverage.  

Honing the message

Following extensive interviews with Physna’s leadership team, Airfoil developed product messaging and key talking points that would resonate with the 3D printing enthusiasts, engineers, and designers that would become the core user base for Thangs.

Physna Honing the message

Making meaningful connections

Ahead of the product launch, Airfoil’s media relations strategy focused on building brand awareness and credibility in the media. We pitched tier-one media and industry reporters with high-profile leadership announcements and embargoed interview opportunities to set the stage for Thangs to come. 

Physna Business Insider

Elevating the impact of launch

As media embargoes lifted on launch day, traffic boomed for the Thangs online platform. Media relations efforts were the primary driver of inbound visitors, and in the six weeks following the launch of Thangs, media relations could be directly attributed to increases in website traffic and registrations.

Physna Website Traffic

Accelerating investor interest

Our media relations and messaging efforts also helped Physna attract the right kind of attention for future growth. Following the launch, investors who had seen coverage in Protocol and Business Insider reached out to Physna, accelerating the company’s next round of investment. 

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