Creating unified messaging to elevate brand awareness

Developing clear, cohesive brand messaging for a technology company with a diverse portfolio.

Brand messaging for a strong foundation

Freudenberg, a German-headquartered technology and innovation champion, creates products that reach people around the world, in their homes, vehicles, hospitals, electronics, and more.

The company wanted a cohesive corporate message to elevate awareness and appreciation of its brand in the North American market. With a diverse portfolio of 11 businesses in 40 market segments, the company struggled to establish a clear brand identity and narrative. Airfoil conducted a deep-dive into the company to deliver a comprehensive, concise, and tailored brand messaging framework.

Freudenberg’s updated brand messaging now serves the foundation for Airfoil’s ongoing content, media relations, marketing, and communications work with the company.

Immersion into the brand

After an extensive discovery and interviewing process with Freudenberg’s leadership team, Airfoil developed corporate messaging and key communication pillars that would resonate with a North American audience.

Freudenberg Case Study image of business man

Establishing thought leadership

With clear messaging and talking points around topics like sustainability and diversity, Airfoil is helping Freudenberg build brand awareness through thought leadership. We have secured bylines for Freudenberg executives in several high-impact industry publications.

Freudenberg image of man with solar panels

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