Generating sales leads through compelling content

Helping an AI-driven digital engineering company increase brand awareness and fill its sales pipeline with high quality leads.


Website visitors

Airfoil’s work increased website visitors in only 90 days.

Net new leads

With newly developed, strategic content, Airfoil generated 300 new leads for Quantiphi.

Engaged new users

Through an integrated campaign of organic traffic, paid search, paid social activities, and email marketing, we brought 3,000 new engaged users to Quantiphi’s business.

A resonating message

Quantiphi, a Boston-based applied AI and data science software and services company, partnered with Airfoil to elevate brand awareness and generate sales leads.

Airfoil’s strategy centered on deeply understanding and clearly defining Quantiphi’s target buyer, and creating content tailored to those buyers. Our messaging also aligned to specific Google search terms with significant volume, ensuring our content would be highly relevant and easily found as our audience searched for potential solutions.

The result: A substantial increase in organic web traffic; strong audience engagement through paid search, social media and email marketing activities; and more than 300 new leads in 90 days.

Original content creation

Airfoil produced a range of content – including eGuides, blog posts, emails, and social media posts for Quantiphi. Each asset and piece of content addressed Quantiphi’s target audience’s motivations and pain points along stages of the buyer journey.

Quantiphi Graphic

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