American House

Driving business growth with a new website and digital campaigns

Increasing new customers for senior living communities across the nation with an all-new website and digital ad campaigns.


Increase in conversions

Airfoil designed and launched new landing pages with clear communication, contact information, and community benefits in mind. The result was a dramatic increase in conversions.

Increase in conversion rate

Easy-to-understand landing pages, highly visible calls-to-action, and constantly optimized digital campaigns improved American House’s conversion rate by more than 4x.

Decrease in cost-per-conversion

Our digital campaigns were as cost-effective as they were efficient. Our user-friendly landing pages reduced conversion costs dramatically — and we used excess budget to generate even more leads.

Updated marketing and new website

American House, a nationwide provider of high-quality housing for seniors for more than 40 years, struggled with the challenge of generating new leads for more than 50 senior living communities. Before partnering with Airfoil, the company’s budget was being spent on campaigns with a high cost-per-conversion and a low conversion rate.  

To solve this problem, Airfoil conceptualized, designed, and launched a new website and ad campaign that moved the needle in the right direction.  

Our work helped maximize conversions by clearly highlighting the services and benefits of each unique community. We also developed highly optimized digital ad campaigns that targeted prominent keywords, all while showcasing the attributes that made each community special. The result was success on all fronts: An increase in conversions and conversion rate, and a decrease in cost-per-conversion.

An influx in inbound inquiries

Airfoil’s highly targeted, highly relevant ads led to a 103-percent increase in click-through rate to the new landing pages. Compared to previous American House campaigns, our work more than doubled conversions and more than quadrupled the conversion rate — at less than half the cost per conversion.

American House An Influx in Inbound Inquiries

New leads on line one

To serve the communications preferences of seniors, Airfoil implemented call ads to facilitate phone inquiries directly from Google search results. Our strategy led to an 85-percent increase in incoming phone calls for American House.

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