The Challenge

F-Secure, a Finnish cybersecurity company with B2B and B2C product offerings, set out to become the enterprise-class cybersecurity provider for SMBs. Success would require boosting awareness of its business offerings in the U.S. Despite being well-known and respected in Europe, the majority of F-Secure’s U.S. awareness and coverage was associated with the company’s consumer products.

The Airfoil Solution

In the cybersecurity space, the biggest U.S. publications closely follow the trends covered by specialized trade publications. As such, cybersecurity trade coverage increases the likelihood of tier-one media coverage. Airfoil executed a “sandwich strategy” that simultaneously targeted trade media and tier-one outlets. Our success in landing coverage of F-Secure’s SMB offerings in security trades led to coverage in many of the nation’s most-read media outlets.

The Results

After landing extensive coverage for F-Secure in a variety of security trade publications, Airfoil earned 43 pieces of tier-one media coverage for the company in 2019. F-Secure was featured in stories by The Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, Forbes, CNET, WIRED, Ars Technica, and Mashable, and Airfoil scheduled a one-on-one interview between F-Secure and The New York Times.

Key Stats


brand mentions in security trades and trade media in target sectors

Extensive tier-one coverage in The Wall Street Journal, Consumer Reports, and CNET

We Provided

Media Strategy + Media Relations