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Hundreds of businesses around the globe have placed their trust in Airfoil to drive growth and positive change, from ambitious startups to Fortune 50 companies. Our approach is collaborative, modular, adaptive, and customized for every client. Let’s get to work.

1. Strategy

2. Execution

3. Analysis

Our three-phase approach provides structure to your success.


1. Strategy

Airfoil creates the blueprint for your success.

We conduct interviews with your internal team and dive deep into independent research to understand your business challenges and objectives, competitive advantages, market opportunities, and audience behaviors. We create smart strategies informed by comprehensive insights.

  • Market Research
  • Persona Development
  • Brand Messaging
  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Strategy

2. Execution

Airfoil makes things happen.

We turn insights into measurable results. Using our strategy as a road map, we deliver successful media relations campaigns, compelling content, engaging social media experiences, and memorable visual elements. Our work invigorates your sales pipeline and elevates your brand identity.

  • Media Relations
  • Demand Generation
  • Content Development
  • Social Media
  • Creative Studio
  • Video Production
  • Podcast Production
  • Internal Communications
  • Website Development
  • User Experience

3. Analysis

Airfoil measures and reports results.

We hold ourselves accountable, and we are determined to prove the value of our work. Airfoil delivers comprehensive reports and analytics that measure our performance against KPIs and quantify our impact on your business objectives. Our goal is to exceed your expectations every single time.

  • Demand Generation Reporting
  • Cost-Per-Click Analysis
  • Media Placement Reporting
  • Message Pull-Through Reporting
  • Share-of-Voice Analytics
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Ad Performance Reporting
  • Our Performance Against Your KPIs

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