While on a business trip last week, I did a quick Twitter search tosee if any events were taking place during my trip to Boston. The trip wasfairly busy, in and out in two days, visiting clients, prospects and businessassociates.

I quickly found that Jeff Pulver’s 140 Characters Conference was hosting a Tweetupjust down the street from my hotel, at the beautiful Colonnade hotel’s rooftop pool.Registering myself and my colleagues, we headed out to a fun evening of notknowing a single person, aside from one of our clients whom we told about theevent.

True to social media form, people met and mingled and got toknow each other in 140 characters or more. Knowing that everyone with a socialmedia title sometimes gets flack for “thinking they’re all experts” to “no oneknows how to do this,” it’s always refreshing to know that when it comes downto it, social media pros are social, sharing and friendly.

So whenever you find yourself in another town, anotherconference or even home alone, you can find comfort in the fact that if youneed to talk to someone, a “social media expert” is willing to lend an ear.

— Tonja Deegan