In my free time, I like to imagine myself an artistic dabbler and creative experimenter. The reality is likely something 10 or 15 degrees off of that true north. But that’s ok.

However, I am constantly challenged to keep creative ideas, images, thoughts and perspectives from escaping my by-default multitasking brain. (Note to self: Might be time to take up meditation and yoga!) Additionally, when I combine my overactive imagination and the 24/7 access the interwebs provide to every niche of interests, art, words, POVs and ramblings, it’s no wonder I often find myself mired in information overload.

There is certainly no shortage of interesting ideas, design inspiration, DIY projects and recipes, art and sketches, quirky gadgets, seasonal sprinklings and fashion finds that I discover that I struggled to capture for future reference. You know the time when you say to yourself, “If I could just find that one thing on that one site in that one color scheme that I saw six months ago.” Of course, I was positive the first time I saw it that it was so impactful I would never forget it. But let’s be honest, some days, we’re lucky to remember what we ate for breakfast yesterday.

So, imagine the swells of excitement when I discovered Pinterest. Of course it seems like eons ago, but more realistically it was at least about a year-and-a-half ago…just a bit before it went completely mainstream. For me, this platform has been a gift, allowing me to preserve, interact, share and save things for future exploration.

Everyone uses Pinterest differently, and this post isn’t designed to make the business case for integrating the platform into your marketing (though I have lots of thoughts on that, and we could certainly chat if you’d like). For me, it curates not only what I find and pin, but also thousands upon thousands of other people reading and exploring thousands upon thousands of sites around the globe and sharing their finds.

I’ve managed to accumulate 50+ boards and nearly 4,000 pins. While that may sound like a major time suck, Pinterest makes it so quick and easy, that I bet I could easily pin 1-2 new items or repin 3-5 items in 10 seconds flat. I have boards:

My boards that I often enjoy the most, though, are color focused: 





Orange, pink, purple, yellow, blue, black and white boards round out my color portfolio, at least for now.
There are many social platforms I test out and explore as part of my job (this does help make my job extra cool), but Pinterest is one that I use most readily for my own personal inspiration, escape and ideation.

Talk to me:

  • Who is your favorite “pinner”?
  • Have you tried recipes or craft projects you’ve found on Pinterest? If so, what were the results?
  • How do you use Pinterest (i.e., discovery, archiving, inspiration, encouragement)?
  • If it’s not Pinterest, what social platform moves you? 

See you and your cool finds on Pinterest!

Kate Eidam (@kateeidam) is account manager at Airfoil, a high-tech PR and marcomm firm with offices in Silicon Valley, Detroit and London. Sometimes Pinterest helps keep her crafting ADD in check, and sometimes it makes the addiction worse.