Blogs have quickly become an important media outlet alongside magazines, newspapers and broadcast. In pitching this evolving medium, public relations needs to build a relationship instead of blasting a single email.

Would you expect a traditional reporter to grasp and get excited about what you’re pitching with just a single email? Of course not – it requires painting a verbal picture, delivering compelling and new ideas, and lots of follow up.  With bloggers, the new “quick hit” medium of ideas, proactive pitching is the name of the game.  In a recent PR Week Web Strategy webinar, Mike Manuel, social media strategist for Voce Communications rendered 2 key points and I have added 2 of my own: what I call the RABRs of blogging.

R: Research. Figure out which blogs are relevant to your overall media strategy. Get to know which bloggers’ opinions hold weight and watch their postings over a few weeks if you can.

A: Approach bloggers before you have to pitch them.  Manuel advocates making simple “e-introductions” ahead of time, that way when it comes time to send out a pitch or press release the blogger is familiar with you, your client and your agency.   Prioritize blogs just as you would traditional media.

B: “Build relationships, just as you would with reporters and editors who cover your client’s space.”

R: Reciprocate.  Bloggers rarely get paid for their missives. They blog out of interest and passion for their topics.  To reward them for their hard work, link to their postings from your clients’ sites or blogs.

Continue building relationships with bloggers, and the next time you send out that pitch it might lead to a glowing and influential blog placement you and your client seek.

— Ron Toledo

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