Blogs are all about building relationships. A first step is subscribing to blogs and monitoring them, but then it needs to go to another level. Actually get in there, comment on posts and start a conversation. 

As usual, we were reading some of our favorite blogs last week when we saw a shout-out from Robert Scoble, encouraging PR people to come and meet him while he stood in line for the iPhone. He also requested Starbucks, which our agency does PR for in the Midwest.


So we grabbed the camera, a latte, some agency schwag and of course some information about our clients. He said we were the only PR people to get the hint and his message.

Now I can understand if you are not local that it wouldn’t make sense to travel for a brief visit. But if you are local, and there are more than a handful of PR agencies in the valley, why wouldn’t you come out to represent your clients?

— Scott Vallee