Growing up, I wasn’t the little girl who sat in her room with her dolls and stuffed animals for a tea party. In fact, I didn’t even have any dolls or teddy bears.

But I did have a Talkgirl recorder, Etch A Sketch and the talking robot that asked you questions about different topics…what was his name…2-XL! It was made by Tiger. Needless to say, I was somewhat of a nerd.


I always wanted to come up with my own incredible invention that would turn me into a millionaire. My invention (hopefully some big time inventor doesn’t steal my idea) would be a camera that goes inside the dryer to record the sock thief. We’ve all wondered what happens to that one sock that disappears out of the wash, but we have never been able to find the answer. So, I would use the camera to finally solve the case. This invention would prevent those left behind socks from being thrown out into the cold! I would call it, “Gotcha! The Dryer Cam.”

There you have it! After all, if ideas like Pajama Jeans, Hot Buns and the Perfect Pancake Pan took off, why couldn’t mine? I’m trying to answer a question we’ve all asked at one point!

What would your million dollar invention be?

Lateshia.jpg Lateshia Dowell is an account executive for Airfoil, a high-tech PR and marcomm firm with offices in Silicon Valley and Detroit.