In the recent article Reaching An Audience By Speaking Its Language , MediaPost reporter Amy Corr discusses the importance of ad space as it applies to the message being sent. In one instance, the University of Phoenix creatively launched an ad campaign for military students written in Morse code.


As we consumers have countless hobbies, targeted messages are rapid-firing every second in our direction, waiting for us to pay attention. For small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), the strategy is much of the same. For a business targeting an SMB, you need to speak their language and do it in a way that is direct and smart; otherwise the attempt to reach them is futile.


In speaking the language, you need to understand where the audience is coming from. According to The Small Business Economy: 2009, a report from the Small Business Administration, “Small businesses create most of the nation’s new jobs, employ about half of the nation’s private sector work force and provide half of the nation’s nonfarm, private real gross domestic product (GDP), as well as a significant share of innovations.”


Did you know that according to an Intuit Payroll study and RatePoint (disclosure: RatePoint is an Airfoil client) SMBs are optimistic when looking forward to 2010?  According to these reports, 60 percent of SMBs expect to grow in the next 12 months and 58 percent of SMBs are optimistic heading into 2010, respectively. With a message that misses the target for 2010 SMB business planning, your business could miss out on significant sales if you’re not keeping up with the trends and outlook for the industry.


With a special place in our hearts for SMBs (being one ourselves), Airfoil speaks this language with ease and finesse. As a result, we have compiled the Airfoil Higher Thinking SMB Quiz where you can explore findings from our research and find out who you’re really talking to!


— by Meg Soule