Without going into pages of details, last week was exciting for our Gas Station TV account.  I vote but, let’s just say I’m not “into politics”

Last Wednesday, my client was dropped right into the middle of the presidential campaigns’ Florida political plays and there I was, deep “into politics”.  The reporters we worked with the day the news broke did their due diligence and reported both sides of the story. They corrected errors quickly and graciously.  My favorite headline of the day, “As the pump turns” accurately equated the political saga to a soap opera.  The reporter, Aaron Deslatte of the Orlando Sentinel, nailed it with that comparison. 

It was fun.  Exhausting, challenging fun.  After a 15 hour day in the office, I went home loving my job even more than the day before.  The heavy duty management of the ever-unfolding events on Wednesday was justified and rewarded with this resulting article. It was the lead article in Thursday’s AdAge Daily, a must-read for anyone in the media biz.

What our client and our team did right was react quickly with open, honest communications.

Now that this is over, it leaves me asking –was this truly a Obama campaign PR blunder as reported by some of the media outlets or, is the controversy created by their releasing of news before there was even ink to be drying a strategy?  Only their campaign knows for sure.  But, we have them to thank for giving Gas Station TV a nice chunk of awareness-building media coverage.  Now how can we get the campaigns to blame each other for 90% of women having cellulite? This is a beauty crisis that needs addressing.

— Elin Nozewski

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