In response to Adweek’s recent story, TraditionalAds Yield Social Traction, I am more and more convinced that theold adage, what is old is new again, has never been moreappropriate.  One need only to think back upon the decades of Super Bowladvertising to know that advertising has long been an effective trigger of PRreturns. 

In fact, in my own quarter history of agency experience, Irecall at least two circumstances in which Super Bowl advertising was placedwith the primary objective of publicity impact, not advertising impact;advertising was the strategy that drove the follow-on publicity.

The only difference today is that the impact of PR is moreeasily measured via social media, i.e. there is a tangible response. While this strategy is not new, what COULD be new is if advertising andPR align their interests and resources towards a joint goal.  Now THATwould be new.

— Lisa Vallee-Smith