Whether it’s for business, a hobby or personal use, yourTwitter stream is making an impact. Your tweets can possibly influencea brand, score you an upgraded hotel room or even transform you into an amateur news reporter. The fate of countless products, services andtrends now rest in the hands of us, the everyday consumers.

Curious how your tweets stack up? Below are six interesting(and free) Twitter analytic tools to help uncover your Twitter footprint:

  • Twitalyzer: Are you a Sun, Spider or Source?Based on multiple factors, including number of followers, unique mentions andactivity level, quickly discover your impact score and influencer type bysearching your username.
  • TwitGraph:This tool provides a qualityassessment of your Twitter profile with colorful pie charts. 
  • TweetStats: With user-friendly and colorfulgraphs, TweetStats will show your tweet timeline by the month, day and hour.You can also gain insight on who is Retweeting and how frequently.
  • TwitterCounter: Not only does this provide chartsof your followers, it also predicts the future volume of followers over time.
  • TweetTronics: Although this is only free duringthe 30-day trial period, TweetTronics opens up a world of Twitter analyzingpossibilities. From follower relations to your tweet sentiment and reach, thisinteractive tool seems to do it all.

Is yourTwitter footprint not what you expected? Here are five ways to increase your influence.