We’re all familiar with Home Alone. The scream that made Macaulay Culkin famous. The Christmas cheer intermixed with Joe Pesci howling in pain. It’s a classic.


But the real question is this: How much better would Kevin have been at duping the Wet Bandits if he’d had technology on his side? Let’s break down the best pain-inflicted moments and see what Kevin would have done in 2012.

  • BB gun to the face (and other unmentionable areas): Instead of having to put himself in harm’s way, Kevin would have set up a remote controlled, mounted BB gun that would have inflicted the same damage. Harry and Marv would still have lost their collective marbles, and Kevin would have been safely upstairs, laughing as he watched it all via webcam and tablet.
  • Toy cars on the living room floor: Take your pick here of robotic gadgets that Kevin could use today to trip-up dimwitted burglars. Maybe a Sphero ball that’s indestructible even if they land on it (obviously you’re still going to want to play with your toys after defeating the ruffians) or any sort of RC car that you could drive into them as they walk. The final outcome is all the same – bad guys on their butts, possibly with a concussion.
  • Paint can to the face: Did anyone else think it was a bit suspicious that neither intruder just moved their head out of the path of the paint can? What 2012 Kevin would do is get something he can control, so that no matter how much Marv dodged, he was still going to get smoked in the face, and fall backwards down the stairs. Something like the AR Drone would work nicely, with its Bluetooth capabilities he could fly it at their heads from a safe distance, so as to make sure he didn’t get caught.

Because that’s really the point here – with today’s technology Kevin would have been much safer during his battle royale, because he’d be able to do so much more remotely. With a few webcams and a tablet, he’d be sitting pretty in his tree house, never working about getting caught.

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Caitlin Ridge (@CaitlinHelen650) is a senior account executive at Airfoil, a high-tech PR and marcomm firm with offices in Silicon Valley and Detroit.