There are always so many articles discussing the gender gap that exists in tech today. People love to report on it, but not enough action is taken to address it. It’s time to stop talking about the problem and doing tireless research about it and start taking action.

Here are a few organizations doing just that:

Girl Develop It: An organization that works to provide affordable and accessible programs to girls that are interested in web design and software development. This is done by hosting classes, events and providing learning materials. With chapters all over the country, they are making a difference in young women’s lives and teaching more of them how to code each day.

DigiGirlz: This is a Microsoft YouthSpark program. It was designed to give young girls in high school the chance to learn about having a career in tech, while also having the opportunity to connect with actual Microsoft employees and participate in hands-on technology activities. Microsoft hosts high-tech camps to inspire the young women to dispel stereotypes of the technology industry and get them excited about pursuing an IT career. They also allow the young women to create podcasts and offer lessons on software development. It’s not only great to have a company like Microsoft on board with this effort, but truly taking steps towards fixing the gender gap the technology industry is currently experiencing.

Michigan Council of Women in Technology: This is an organization that Airfoil works with and it’s great to see all their accomplishments throughout years. With the mission to make Michigan the No. 1 state for women in technology, this organization has taken steps toward making that vision a reality. Through scholarships, IT-focused camps and developer competitions, this council takes the work they do to help these girls seriously. Not only do they fight to make women more interested in pursuing a degree in IT, they also fight the “Brain Drain” many people think Michigan has experienced through mentoring and job placement support to keep these talented, educated women in the state of Michigan.  

In our recent POV- Running scared? The Marketer’s Singular Challenge: Stand Out – our team discusses 6.5 paths marketers can take to differentiate their brands and help them stand out from all of the noise. The third path is to fight overly exclusive positioning, also known as “Punk Positioning.” These three organizations are perfect examples of this path, fighting to change the positioning of the tech industry from a boys club to an industry that has equal opportunities for both men and women. They do not sit idly by and talk about how things need to change, but actually work towards a solution and a better world for all. Women make up half of the population, why leave them out of your talent search when looking for a job candidate?