One of my passions in life is a good pair of denim. Lame, no. Expensive, yes. Unimportant/shallow, maybe. But the word pants has always lent itself to meaning something more than Japanese cross-stitching. Working in public relations puts this all in perspective.

The stitching between the media and public relation professionals is a fragile one that needs to be carefully hemmed. You see, no one likes to feel like they are inferior or that their opinion is not held in as high-esteem as the next guy's. Being conscience of how your message comes across can make all the difference. Being confident about a brand and image is a great quality, but each pitch angle needs to give the user some leg-room and flexibility.

In order to ensure that embarrassing need for a patch doesn't occur, switch up your approach by disguising your preference for taking control and molding the pitch for the reporter. This is especially true for social media who don't like to copy and paste but rather to form their own statement. Instead, be confident about your client and pitch the high-level topic rather than pushing a word for word statement.

And that's the fabric of our relationship.

— Heather Arft