It feels like yesterday that I was sitting in one of those blue chairs, anxiously waiting to be interviewed for a four-month ‘Foiler experience. Looking back over the past four months, I feel privileged to have had this chance to learn from one of the best high-tech PR agencies in the country. In addition to all the useful hands on experiences I had (including how to use social media professionally, how to create an objective result-driven measurement report, and when to clap your hands blindly), there are two valuable things I learned from Airfoil:

1. “Higher Thinking” is more than a tagline, it’s a spirit.

Coming from a cultural background where public relations is undervalued, I’m inspired by how dedicated Airfoil is to taking public relations to a new level. Similar to how an airfoil lifts the airplane to higher altitude, this is a place where people are constantly pushing the limits to pursue better outcomes. Everyone here is expected to demonstrate problem solving and goal setting with Higher Thinking, which ultimately has the entire agency operating on a new level in public relations.

2. Passion + Ambition= Success

I’ve seen so many ‘Foilers juggle a million things in the most chaotic scenarios, yet still manage to stay poised and efficient. I later realized the rule of thumb to thrive in this fast paced industry is being passionate and ambitious all the time. From what I’ve seen here, passion is taking charge with a “get-it-done” attitude; ambition is taking on challenges with forward thinking.

In my opinion, Airfoil is the best place to work for, the best place to intern with, and the only place (that I know of!) that starts a monthly agency meeting with Lady Gaga rocking out. I’m truly grateful to have worked with all the amazing ‘Foilers and to have learned so much from each of them. Best wishes to all the ‘Foilers!

— Regina Lin is an intern at Airfoil Public Relations, a high tech PR agency with offices in Detroit and Silicon Valley.