We are born with brands from the start of our lives. Icons like Pampers and Huggies kept our infant selves from getting too messy. Characters like The Looney Tunes, The Muppets and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles kept our child minds entertained. Huffy bicycles fueled trips through the woods and visits to local ice cream shops. Sports brands like The Detroit Red Wings and its players inspired some of us to lace up a pair of hockey skates and tape our first Easton hockey stick, only to skate until we are dripping sweat and need to replenish our fluids by chugging a yellow Gatorade.

More often than not we chose a brand rather than a brand choosing us, but when a certain brand never lets you down, it becomes a part of your family.

I have owned the same Timex alarm clock since I was in 6th grade. This small black square Timex clock has traveled through middle school, high school, a traumatic brain injury, college and work, by my bed side for fifteen years of my life and it has never failed me, not once. What makes my little Timex alarm clock so amazing is I know its brand and its reliability. I can trust it to wake me out of a good pillow any day of the week.

As a public relations pro, or better yet, a marketing communications professional, I know one of the most important pieces of branding is loyalty. A consumer enjoys something that will never let them down, even if it is a haunting beep. The truth is that I have grown to love that haunting beep, and I will never replace it out of fear that the “other product” will fail.

While loyalty is imperative to a brand, the same is obvious for relationships. My best friends, the ones I consider ‘life longers’ are the friends that will be there during both, the good times and when the $#!+ hits the fan. I admit, my Timex alarm clock is nothing special – it’s powered by AA batteries and uses arms to tell the time. As a 28 year old who grew up during a quick turnaround of technology I should have upgraded to digital long ago. But I can’t, I take pride in my old battery powered alarm clock, its family! What brands are a part of yours?


T. Turner


Trevor Turner is an Intern at Airfoil, an integrated marketing communications firm with offices in Silicon Valley, Detroit, London and Hong Kong.  Follow Trevor on Twitter: @TrevTurner85