Let me start by introducing myself, and what I’ll be blogging about.

My name is Craig, and I am one the newer hires here at Airfoil PR. I just recently graduated from Wayne State University with a degree in public relations and political science. I am active with the PRSSA, especially with the 2008 PRSSA National Conference in Detroit in October.

I plan to chronicle and share my transition here from the student to professional.  I’ll share with you my day-to-day experiences and try not to bore you in the process.

My first week at Airfoil was wonderful, yet challenging. It took me nearly a day to locate the bathroom, and I still constantly can’t figure out which conference room is which. That said, the folks I work with are incredibly helpful and professional, and I am certainly not afraid to ask them questions (which is how I found out where the bathroom is).

My revelations for the first week: 1) I sure can’t figure out how an office functioned before the dawn of e-mail and 2) It’s amazing how the culture of a company can impact everything, including the day-to-day operations of the agency.

That’s it for now; more to come later.

— Craig LaPoint

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