Last week I had the pleasure of attending Mobile World Congress in Barcelona,Spain. On behalf of our client, MobiTV Ispent the vast majority of time in the RIMbooth as a selected partner. I spoke to people from all over the world aboutthe technology that powers live television to mobile devices in North America.The interest from all corners of the world has been phenomenal.

Live television on mobile devices is clearly no longer anovelty, as the majority of questions that were asked were about expansion intoother countries. It appears that the world is ready for live mobile television.

The question that always is asked at trade shows is who wins,or in other words, which company garnered the most buzz. While there seems tobe no clear winner, the majority of chatter outside the halls of the conferencehad to do with the upcoming release of the newly rebranded Windows Phone 7

While the other mobile operating systems had large press conferencesas well, none seemed to get as much interest as the one given by Microsoft’sCEO Steve Ballmer. Will it be do for the mobile market what Bing did for the search market? It’s clearlytoo early to tell. With so much news coverage about emerging mobile deviceoperating systems like Android, Google’s Nexus One and the iPhone, look forthis year to usher in yet another competitor into that debate, Windows Phone 7.

— Adam Silber