With all the economic doom and gloom we get on a dailybasis, it’s always nice to hear examples of positive momentum in the techcommunity. Take this recent Wall Street Journal story on the currentstate of the IPO market.

The article points to the modest profit gains ofventure capitalists through the first quarter of the year as evidence that theIPO market is slowly returning to life. 

No doubt, outside of Detroit, the Silicon Valley has beenone of the more deeply impacted regions of the economic downtown in the country– with many start-ups shutting down or being sold for far less money than theirinitial venture capital investment. 

While the IPO market may never again approach the madness of1999-2000, the start-up mindset that defined this period is just as importanttoday as it was then … maybe even more so.

Whether or not your vision is to go public or be acquired bya bigger fish, businesses should operate with this goal in mind.

This means maintaining a strong balance sheet, with arealistic plan/timetable for achieving profitability, and developing a solidemployee and senior leadership bonus and retention program. Most of all, itmeans fostering a culture where true innovation is drivingevery aspect of the organization. 

So while the playing field may have dramatically changedover the past 10 years, the game is still the same.

— Janet Tyler