While PR pros traditionally communicate to their audiences through a variety of different media (newspapers, social media, TV, websites, etc.), there’s nothing like a one-on-one interaction between a brand and its customers.   Though some businesses already reach out through local events, focus groups, or through personal responses to consumer feedback via email and social media, most brands can benefit from the reminder that  old-fashioned face-to-face interaction remains invaluable.

Kali and Kristen

Airfoil had the opportunity to attend the Houston Astros’ Dog Day event last weekend on behalf of our client, eBay Classifieds.  This sponsorship allowed eBay Classifieds to get to know an intimate audience of Houston pet lovers while also promoting the company’s new Pets app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  Besides leading the pooch parade and judging a dog costume contest (yes, we are professionals), Airfoil had the opportunity to chat directly with Houstonians about eBay Classifieds.  These conversations gave us the opportunity to learn what messaging resonates most with customers, what aspects of the product they’d like to learn more about, and how they can and do incorporate the product into their daily lives.

Learning more about customers empowers brands to communicate with their audiences in a much more meaningful way. Local events and one-on-one conversations give brands a unique opportunity to learn about their customers: who they are, what they care about and their questions/concerns they have about the product.  These are all powerful insights for companies that they can’t get through newspapers or a TV spot.  Not only can you gather first-hand feedback, your brand becomes a living thing which directly speaks to your audience. Casual, in-person interactions with your customers – now that’s a powerful conversation that can’t be beat.

— Kristen Berry and Kali Fry