As a small-businessowner, mother of four children and a wife of 15 years, one of the questions Ioften hear is, “how do you keep it all together?”

In short, how amI able to balance the important demands of Airfoil’s business with my equallyimportant responsibilities at home?

It’s a goodquestion – one that’s been a popular storyline,blog and newssubject in recent weeks – including this excellent post from PRBreakfastClub that really hitsthe nail on the head for me.

The simple answeris I do my very best.

The better answeris I make choices every day.

Some days, thismeans I am “on” 24/7 because that is what my clients and our business demands.Other days, I choose to be a wife/mother first.

At the end of theday, it’s my choice … and I am accountable for it.

[Full disclosure: I don’t always make the right call. Imake what I believe is the right decision, assume responsibility, and move on.]

Frankly, I agreewith the PRBreakfastClub author and his stance that all of this chatter aboutwork/life balance is nonsense. 

Seems like a lotof people are holding out for some Zen-like work/personal state of being. Iwish them luck. It’s going to be a very long wait! 

Ultimately, itcomes down to this – finding what works best for you and your business, anddoing whatever you have to do in order to be successful with both.

The choice isyours to make. 

— Janet Tyler