I recently got an invite to check out the new MySpace, and I’m ready for it to take down Facebook. It is no secret that I am increasingly fed up with Facebook’s inability to use a nice interface for media, stick with a solid navigation tree or get a decent newsfeed algorithm. So I may be slightly biased in my review of the New MySpace, which I will refer to now only as MySpace.


I am a huge video and photography creator, but seriously lack in the music arena. Sites like Pandora, Spotify and SoundCloud have been useful in playing music, but I’ve never habitually used them. MySpace’s integration of a reddit-like newsfeed with fashionably displayed music videos and photos add to my enjoyment of the site. One of the biggest draws is complete accessibility to tons of music, both top 40 and indie; sprinkle in nice algorithms for solid written and visual content suggestions and I’m sold. I’m a quick clicker, tapping around from song to radio to band to video with lovely free music results.

The new MySpace interface has a music navigator pop up from the bottom screen, reminding me of a Mac application dock. The streams are accessible by scrolling horizontally, which is pretty pleasant in comparison to the never ending vertical stream of sludge I’m used to. Also, you know what I don’t see? Terribly made ads pitching online degrees to me. What I don’t hear? My music being stopped for a radio ad. Thank you, MySpace.

However, it is still in a very beta state; Internet Explorer is not yet a supported browser. MySpace fails for me when trying to sign up using the Facebook application, which I believe should have allowed me to locate Facebook friends on MySpace. The search engine is beautifully designed (see below) but I’m a little unsure of who to search for.


Uploading my own content is confusing; I still have yet to upload one of my own videos. The few photos I have uploaded do look great. Also, some of the people you suggest I would like to ‘discover’ are design or visual artists that come off as pretentious/slightly celebrity silly to this Midwestern feminist. I did connect to a beer blogger in Detroit which made me feel like I made a new friend. 


I know the local Detroit music scene is looking forward to MySpace opening up to more users, and so do I. If MySpace can fix its beta problems, keep ads out of it and focus on music with creative content to support it, it’ll be here to last in a good way.

You can head over to the http://new.MySpace.com and request an invitation, which usually takes a solid few weeks. I have three invitations to MySpace to give out; and I’d love for you to have it. Tweet this article by using the button above, and on Wednesday, December 19, I’ll use a random number generator to give out my three passes.

Rebecca Sherwood is digital coordinator at Airfoil, a high-tech PR and marcomm agency with offices in Silicon Valley and Detroit.