At last week’s World Business Forum, one quote from Altimeter’s Charlene Li shared stuck in my mind: “We tend to overvalue the things we can measure and undervalue the things we cannot.” She shared this quote in the context of the value of relationships.

In public relations, marketing, digital/social media and advertising, we build customer relationships and engagement for the companies, brands, products and services we support. And, many of us spend most of our time trying to justify our existence because it is demanded.

In this culture of sharing, relationships are all powerful. They are and will continue to be the foundation in which all brands are built both now and in the future. In business as in life, relationships are hard to build/maintain. Also, relationships are taken for granted. You really never realize how important they are until you need them or could lose them unexpectedly.

This came to life toward the end of the World Business Forum when Nando Parrado, publisher of Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors, spoke. His heart-felt story of how he and his teammates survived a plane crash in the Andes mountains that killed both his mother and his sister truly brought the importance of relationships to light. With his daughters in the audience, he shared how he went back to the site of the crash with his wife and daughters because they wanted to see where they were born. They knew his love for them (and life) began on that mountain. How would Nando measure relationships?  The love quotient.

Perhaps in the business world, we need to measure our success by how much we love and show love to our customers.

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—Leah Haran