So,I’m not sure this is a scientifically provable point, however I do believe someoneneeds to study the correlation between the vibe/mood in Las Vegas and theeconomy in general.  I know what you’re all thinking, what in the world isthis PR guy talking about?  Bear with me here as I try to explain my hypothesis

Ispent this past week in Las Vegas attending CTIA, The Wireless Show on behalf ofour client MobiTV, Inc.  As I’vementioned in previous musings, the big question I always get after attendingthese trade shows is “who was the big winner,” or, in essence, who garnered themost buzz?  This year, there were a few companies who clearly stood outfrom the rest.

Firstwas the announcement of one of the most anticipated phones coming this summer, HTC'sEvo.  Not only does device pack some never before seen features likean HDMI output, it is also the first official phone running on Sprint’s 4G service. 

Secondwas the announcement that Skypewill be available on the Verizon network, allowing consumers a cheaper way tomake VoiP calls both domestically and internationally.

Thirdwas the economy. 

Flashback to CTIA 2009.  The economy was in the tank.  Attendance to theshow was down.  There was clear doom and gloom in the air.  Youcouldn’t escape the bleak conversations.   This year, however, thingswere dramatically different.  Without exception, virtually everyone Italked to mentioned how things have shifted dramatically with regards toattendance to shows, people spending money, positive attitudes toward theeconomy, etc.

 Thisis now the second time I’ve been to Las Vegas in three months.  First itwas the The Consumer Electronics Show inJanuary.  And now CTIA 2010.

Ayear ago, it was dread and worry.  Today, it’s cautious optimism.Even the cab drivers say that business is starting to pick up.

Now,if we could just find someoneto validate this.

–Adam Silber