I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Pulver, founder of the 140 Characters Conference (#140conf), last week ata meetup in Metro Detroit. Hearing from Jeff and others involved with the eventreminded me of how passionate the people of Detroit are when it comes toconnecting – both on- and offline.

The #140conf events provide a place for the community tointeract and learn from one another. The schedule is fast paced, allowing asmany people as possible to share and engage. After hosting the event in citieslike Los Angeles, New York and London, Jeff is  bringing the conference tothe Midwest for the first time on October20 at The Fillmore in downtown Detroit. There is already a lot of hypesurrounding the event, and Jeff himself believes that there is nobetter place to host the conference than here in Detroit.

The focus of the conference will surround “exploring thestate of now” and how real-time web impacts our daily lives. Although the nameis a play on Twitter’s character limit, this is not just a social mediaconference. It’s for anyone who engages in or is impacted by the web, withtopics spanning politics, entertainment, fashion and public safety issues.

I highly encourage everyone to check out this event, or atleast learn moreabout Jeff himself – whether you’re from Detroit, the Midwest orbeyond. Early bird tickets are on sale now for $100; regular price is $140. Forthose interested in sharing their story, there is still time to fill out thespeaking submission form – applications are due August 6. Learn more at detroit.140conf.com and be sure to markyour calendars for October 20!

–Jamie Patrona