In eight weeks we’ll be celebrating another New Year’s—what the heck happened to 2010?  As time flies faster, our communications seem to become more mobile and more compact; so in 2011, watch for SMS and Twitter to be adopted as primary news media by an even greater proportion of Americans.  

And if we don’t have the patience for anything much longer than 140 characters, why even wait ‘til next year to read those Twitter news reports?  If we could read them now, we could just get on with our lives.  So, as a public service and anticipatory timesaver, here are the 10 best tweets of 2011:

1.       Just siphoned my neighbor’s Nissan Leaf and defibrillated my tongue

2.       Networks debut new fall season on Magic Slates

3.       Paperboy just threw his mobile phone on my front steps

4.       Opening of first Kinect Olympics was a moving ceremony

5.       Latest Facebook privacy controls hide all photos and posts, 300 million unidentifiable users Like it

6.       Just cozied up to an old bag at the Tea Party rally

7.       Astronauts on last space shuttle flight buzzed by swamp-gas-powered UFOs

8.       Unemployment rises to everyone except two pollsters in Sacramento

9.       Foursquare finds Waldo, hiding as Mayor of Flagstaff

10.   AT&T study finds no one under 15 has ever heard a dial tone

On second thought, looking back at what happened in 2010, these tweets are probably far too predictable.  I’m betting that in the coming months much more outlandish posts will be attracting our inattention.

Steve Friedman