I am a graduate of Spring Arbor University and most importantly I am one of the current interns at Airfoil. The opportunity to work here at Airfoil is a gift.  Many of my peers are still looking for a job after graduating, and I’m fortunate to land this wonderful and fast-paced internship.

A day at Airfoil is so much different from other days of my other job asking random hungry customers, “Do you want crazy bread with that?” Yes, I worked for Little Caesars for many years. This job carried me over financially all the way through school, but I didn’t spend 4 1/2 years of writing papers and researching communication techniques to smell like marinara sauce. Although I’m complaining, the question I should be asking myself is, “What happened if I didn’t have any job to help me pay for the necessities of college?”

What I really want to talk about is thankfulness. Coming from a privileged home and being able to go to college was a gift, and I feel like I took it for granted more than being thankful for it.  One observation that really makes you realize that you have been taking things for granted is when you happen to see someone less fortunate, such as someone who is homeless. Stop and think twice. Remember that this person is an individual. What happened if this person just had all the wrong circumstances and just ended up homeless? Thinking about this will make you realize how thankful we should be, because we could be in their shoes, and they could be in ours.  

Being thankful every day for opportunities, for internships, for education and for health is a gift we should all acknowledge.

—Earl Robinson is an intern at Airfoil Public relations, a high tech PR agency with offices in Detroit and Silicon Valley.