Too often, presenters toss away their notes before they’ve reached their largest and best audiences.  Whenever you deliver a presentation, consider the immediate audience–the 10 or 50 or 300 people in the room with you–as only a beginning.  You can reach hundreds and thousands more if you apply public relations techniques to your speech content and roll it out beyond the meeting hall to the innumerable niches occupied by others whom you may wish to influence. 

Here are 10 ways you can extend your presentation–and your reputation–to people in other corners of your region, country and the globe:

  1. Use your presentation as the basis for multiple posts on your blog.  Half a dozen good points can make half a dozen good posts.
  2. Post your presentation content on your Web site and sites such as docstoc and slideshare as a resource and to increase SEO.
  3. Transform your notes/script into a bylined article and submit it to a trade magazine for publication.
  4. Write a news release, not on the fact that you will be presenting, but rather on what you said.  Your comments and perspective may encourage a reporter to contact you for a news report.
  5. Reach out to local radio and TV stations to pitch a local-news interview based on the subject matter of your presentation.
  6. Use your presentation content to create a marketing brochure or newsletter that provides subject matter of interest to your mailing list.
  7. Develop a short white paper incorporating your presentation content and offer it through your Web site.   Publicize it through a news release and through social media, like Facebook and Twitter.
  8. Record your live presentation and post the video on YouTube.  Publicize the video by posting links to it on social media sites and your Web site.
  9. Develop a podcast of your presentation that visitors to your Web site can download.
  10. Submit your presentation as a topic for a session at an industry conference in which you can re-present the material in updated fashion.

— Steve Friedman