I attended PRSA’s T3 conference yesterday and met some really smart people who are making sure that public relations will continue to evolve with the Internet.

David Parmet, who blogs at www.marketingbeginsathome.com, is right about the wifi (not to mention power strips). It’s one of the comments I had on my conference evaluation form.

Lack of connectivity aside, the panel with David, Chip Griffin and Tony Sapienza had great advice, which boils down to stop watching and waiting and jump in, bloggers don’t bite (most of them). Some people are held back by thinking that blogging requires a lot of technological skills but all you need is the ability to type and save on a Web page. Blogging tools do the work for you, even providing nifty little buttons to add hyperlinks.

The panel I was looking forward to was with Steve Rubel and Constantin Basturea. Constantin is the creator of such fabulous resources as the NewPR wiki and headlines from PR blogs.

With those sites, he’s already doing something that he thinks will become more commonplace –- using the artificial intelligence created by technology and combining that with human recommendations to provide a manageable filter on information tailored to specific interests.

While technology is advancing public relations, it still can’t predict the weather. I had an overnight stay at La Guardia due to a combination of impending weather, canceled flights and full hotel rooms. I’m sure technology and public relations could help the situation.

— Tonja Deegan