The stimulus bill introduced by the Democrats in the House, with its strong focus on technology, is just what our economy needs.

According to the Wall Street Journal: “If the bill becomes law, it would allocate billions of dollars for tech projects to improve healthcare, education and government funding, among other things. Much of this money would be spent on computer hardware and software.”

President-elect Obama has professed his support for electronic medical records previously. As the new administration shapes a stimulus package to help individuals and companies survive, information-technology innovators can assemble their own package of public relations initiatives and techniques to help them stimulate interest in their products and services and continue to thrive.

Recently, we developed a white paper with marketing communications strategies that IT companies can employ (or partner with a PR agency to employ) to help them emerge from the downturn with an advantage over competitors.

A stimulated tech sector will have a ripple effect across industries such as health care. With some planning now, companies can be in the perfect position to take advantage and propel their businesses on the right path.

— Janet Tyler

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