If you had to choose between a campaign that generated high impressions or one that created deep engagement between the consumer and your client’s brand – which path would you follow?

While many PR and marketing firms still play the numbers game, this excellent story from The Harvard Business Review describes how Coca-Cola is approaching this very same issue and using “social” as a viable marketing platform.

And it’s not just the larger consumer brands like Coke diving into social and digital communications. B2B companies are investing in social media and going beyond impressions for measurement.

Whether your brand likes it or not, actively participates or not, the simple fact is a conversation about you is happening right now on places like Facebook and Twitter.

That’s the reality of doing business in 2011.


So why wouldn’t you create something with the potential for a deeper engagement and capable of fostering productive, two-way dialogue where real insights and ideas are exchanged?


This is where PR has the potential to make the biggest impact.


  1. PR creates content
  2. Content inspires audiences to discover something new about a brand.
  3. Discovery experiences fuel engagement and start conversations.
  4. Conversations can be measured, refined and re-ignited.

— Janet Tyler is cofounder and president of Airfoil Public Relations, a high tech PR agency with offices in Detroit and Silicon Valley.