I’m a marketing person’s dream come true.  Why?  I dig on branding, taglines, what I deem clever ad campaigns and perfectly executed, on-brand stunts.  I dig these as a consumer.  I get emotional, whimsical, motivated, intense. I live the “customer journey” (thank you, Mike Westcott) that marketers plot out on their white boards.  Thank you, Maslow, you got my needs down.

Why this is top of mind is a trigger from a recent Churchill Club event featuring a conversation between Ed Zander and Scott McNealey around the rise and evolution of Sun Microsystems under McNealey’s leadership.  Embedded in a video homage to McNealey (a seemingly ahead of its time, ’80s era viral video) was a montage of Sun’s brand imagery and taglines through the years.  My mind wandered for a few minutes towards my favorite taglines or campaigns over the years … the ones that inspired awe, made me want to be a better person, work out more, work less, go places, stay at home.  Here’s the montage that came to my brain.  I’m interested in yours.

Microsoft (client) – Where do you want to go today?  This tagline just captured the endless possibilities of technology.  Not just where do I want to go online but where do I want to go to solve a problem, make a connection or have a life-changing jog?

eBay (client) – The Power of All of Us.  This line captured the essence of the worldwide community that eBay has built and the empowerment the platform provides for building business – directly and through development.  We’ve had the privilege of serving this brand for more than eight years, and working with businesses that have made their living on eBay, and the tagline really captured the inspiration and essence of the brand.

Nike – Just Do It (um, no brainer, me and everyone else in the world.)

I just realized that what triggered my train of thinking was actually Sun’s vision statement, which in hindsight I have to give props to Sun. Talk about a spot-on sentiment: The network is the computer.

To check out the conversation, Churchill Club has a video of the event.

—Tracey Parry is senior vice president and leads the Silicon Valley office at Airfoil Public relations, a high tech PR agency.