Being a metro-Detroit native, I’ve always known the “BigThree” to signify one thing: the domestic auto all-stars Ford, GeneralMotors and Chrysler.  I’ve heard Detroit and the “Big Three” term toutedcountless times across the country in passing conversations.

However, moving to Silicon Valley and studyingnew media has given me a different perspective. Do we have a new “Big Three” inour midst?

In following along with the conversations about socialmedia, I’m finding that there are three tools that are consistently thrown aroundas must-have accounts for consumers and businesses: Twitter, Facebook andLinkedIn.  Don’t get me wrong, these are definitely the most influentialsocial networking channels available, but what makes them stand out from theendless number of other accounts, widgets and applications?

A recent story in Forbeselaborates on this. The author presents a great business strategy perspective,highlighting that these three are the most widely adopted tools for good reasonand they should not be abandoned for the newest fad.  As the writerexplains, “To be successful at establishing your brand, you need acomprehensive social media plan in place before diving in.”

 A comprehensive social mediastrategy should be multi-faceted and more in depth than blasting out updatesvia the “Big Three.”  Instead, try to integrate the use of pictures,video, podcasts, customer testimonials, geo-location, wikis, mobile, augmentedreality, gaming, and the constantly growing list of other options. 

In summary, tweet, Facebook it and connect away, butremember that’s only utilizing a small fraction ofthe possibilities.

— Heather Arft