Collaboration is the key to successfully managing and leveraging social media channels. As Ad Age freelancer David Kiley pointed out, the Chrysler F-bomb time bomb set off a debate surrounding management and control over social channels between the marketing and PR silos.

Social media isn’t the only turf marketing and PR battle over to gain control. Remember integrated marketing? What a joke. Marketing, advertising, PR, direct and other levers working together. But, ultimately, these functions don’t naturally play nice.

The underlying issue is ownership, which many times means dollars. Who owns the campaigns, who owns the social channels? The best approach is a hybrid approach.  PR, marketing and customer service should share the social channels and align to a single company voice and brand promise. Each function has its strengths, its strategic purpose and its separate budgets, aligned to the same end-goals. This way the customers and the brand both win.

—Leah Haran is a vice president at Airfoil Public Relations, a high tech PR agency with offices in Detroit and Silicon Valley