Any parents worth their salted peanut butter will tell you that there are two “Back-to-School” shopping sessions.

The first is the initial grab at your local office supply store.  You’ll see harried parents with a shopping list (downloaded from their kids’ teacher’s website) in hand.  You recognize them by the glazed (some say scared) looks in their eyes.  Yep, Mom and Dad, there is a difference between Staedtler pencil erasers (white) and the standard no-name office supply store brand (also white) that look just the same.  And, yes, you bet your wide-ruled, wired-bound, (preferably “environmentally-friendly”), recycled notebook that the teacher who spent time on this lovely list does care about the difference and will notice if you stray from the specifications of the list.

The second “back-to-school” is more subjective—but no less intenseWe’re talkin’ trends here.  Your angels (and it starts young—myfirst-grader recently told me she was “over the new black”) are tuned in with the latest trends, be it tech (the iPhone 5 is so yesterday), clothes (hey, I didn’t even know there was a “new black”) or school supplies (rolling backpacks are for dweebs if you’re over 10 years of age).

Major retailers are capitalizing on the Back-to-School -> Halloween (read: dawning of the first Black Friday when you start seeing Christmas seasonal swag) -> Turkey Day (read:  the hallowed “Official Black Friday”) -> in the thick of it Shopping Season.

It takes many forms, blogs, and standard insert ads in the Sunday morning paper.  But, really—any Millennial worth her tweet will attest to the pull of a sick social media strategy combined with the killer prose that addresses the practical mom (holla!) and the testify-to-the-trend kid.

How do you pull it off?  Buckle in with Airfoil, and we’ll help you soar over the retail confusion to establish a BRAND worthy of not only loyalty, but longevity to endure beyond the trends.


JoAnn Yamani

JoAnn Yamani is a Senior Account Executive for Airfoil, a high-tech PR and marcomm firm with offices in Silicon Valley, Detroit, London and Hong Kong.