CES 2015 is in full swing, and media coverage continues to focus on what it means to have truly smart technology. This kind of tech goes well beyond a refrigerator that takes selfies and texts you what’s inside so you know what to shop for on your way home from work. Today at #CES2015, smart was front and center while dumb, thankfully, remained on the periphery. Here are a few initial standouts – two good and one, well, you decide.

  • Green is no longer a dirty word. Delta Products (disclosure: Airfoil client), not to be confused with Delta Airlines or Delta Faucets, displayed several smart, green (yes, I said it, green) technologies that will make education, work and home environments much more efficient and connected. Case in point, its smart electric vehicle (EV) chargers take advantage of off-peak electricity rates and help building owners reduce infrastructure costs. But with fuel prices continuing to plummet across the country, will people stop buying EVs and opt for their beloved gas guzzlers? I’m staying tuned to find out.
  • In a place like Las Vegas, celebrating erupts everywhere. What’s important is to make sure celebrations end on a high note, and safely. The BACtrack smart breathalyzer lets you know whether, legally, you should be driving, and it takes it one step further into solution mode. If you shouldn’t be driving, the app (for iOS or Android; sorry Windows users), will prompt you to call Uber or some other service to get home safely. This is all about empowerment and making smart choices. But the human still must make the right decision at the end of the day.
  • Yes CES offers more than a handful of gimmicks designed to gather a crowd. One booth (which will remain unidentified) today featured an “exercise machine” that looked like a stationary Segway scooter that gyrates up and down and promises to reduce back pain. The demo models were decked out in very little as they bounced to the likes of Lady Gaga and Kesha. While they did draw a crowd, did this, um, display make me want to own one of these “exercise machines”? No, no it didn’t. But perhaps I’m not the target. And that is what makes marketing communications so fascinating. There’s something for everyone.


Can’t wait to see what the next few days hold in store. Keep a pulse on it yourself by following #CES2015. Even if you’re not here, you can join the conversation.